No matter what you prefer: Privacy.li is the premium supplier and market leader for tunnels, SSH or VPN.\n\nOrdered in seconds with payment options including untraceable methods, to better preserve your valid privacy interest.


High Security Mail
With HSM (High Security Mail) you get the preferred email account of the security savvy, optional with your own domain and mail is stored in encrypted containers - snoop free.\n\nRead more.....


High Security Storage
With HSSS (High Security Storage & Share) you get rapidshare, but under a strong and protected privacy setup - no censorship.\n\nAll pertinent details can be found here....


Offshore Hosting & Ano Domains
With servers in many diverse countries we can always host anonymously your controversial or privacy sensitive material - no questions asked.\n\nHolland, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Malaysia - countries which welcome free speech!


Uncensored News
Fastest news subscriptions, no censorship. Sign-up can be done with untraceable payment options like mailed-in cash, money order and digital gold currencies.\n\nMore details here.
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Powered by honor, fidelity and the Black Sun

We support Tor and provide interfaces to it:

We support TOR!

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Services most important to me

SSH Tunnel - 15.3%
VPN Tunnel - 13.9%
HSM (High Security Mail) - 18.7%
HSS&S (High Security Storage & Share) - 2.8%
Anonymous Domains - 19.4%
Offshore Hosting - 25.5%
Offshore Consultation - 4.3%

Total votes: 509
The voting for this poll has ended on: 25 Jan 2013 - 23:09

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  1. If you are still undecided to use our services please be advised to read the following REAL testimonials which have been submitted to us unsolicited. They may give you an idea what to expect from us.

    We would be very thankful if you could send us your opinion, please go to our 'Contact us'-sheet...

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    I was looking all over the place to find a non-US-based privacy provider, glad I found you! Even on the weekend I received timely help when I needed it. Keep up the good work.


    read more >>>

    I've been using the services these past two weeks… It is great! I didn't have problems so far. In the other hand, I would like to ask you a couple of questions. ...[skipped]...... I cannot emphasize my gratitude for all the help that was always given. I hope everything is ok. From a happy customer,


    read more >>>

    July 2004: Hi, got your info this morning and successfully setup Putty connected to Newsgroups (I use Newsrover but no problems) & Web OK. I am sending this e-mail to confirm I have got e-mail setup correct, so a short reply would be helpful.

    Thanks for the great service.


    read more >>>

    August 2004: I had used the anonymous services of another anonymizer company before finding you. Compared to you, they offered no support, and their claims of no logs are something most in newsgroups don\'t believe (me too). You offer great support and prompt assistance with everything, including info about anything & everything to do with privacy! Keep up the good work!


    read more >>>

    August 2004: Thanks to Dr WHo's FAQ I found my way to your service and web site. Outstanding offers, good understanding of the privacy subject, your site and service will keep me as satisfied client for years to come!

    read more >>>

    November 2004: I just switched to you guys, after having had nightmare times with www.metropipe.net. Their service never worked, no tech support, no help. And on top I only found out after I signed up, that their tunnel server was in Germany, far from being offshore! I am glad I switched! You may use this as a reference on your web side.


    read more >>>

    November 2004: After using another anonymizer service, it was great to find an offshore alternative like yours. Your customer support and products have been great, thanks for all the help.


    read more >>>

    January 2005: Thank you for your time you took to advise about ways to achieve a private offshore banking solution. I am very happy with your advise and hope you will continue your important work.

    Amadeus, Vienna-Austria

    read more >>>

    June 2005: Your download section is really INCREDIBLE! It has been worth the waitin' a MILLION times! :)

    Nemo Outis

    read more >>>

    September 2005:

    Hi, I just signed up for your anon news service, great speed, and signing up was a breeze, keep up the great job.

    morestuff, Hong Kong

    read more >>>

    September 2005: It's good to know that you don't log any activity. Other services do, and will surrender them on request. That's a complete down turn for a privacy service. Keep it up.

    John Smith, alt.privacy

    read more >>>

    A testimonial in regard to my download section for traders and clients of privacy.li, which describes pretty much what it is all about:

    September 2005:I did just take a short overviev about some of the material you allowed me to download from your site (it will take a some week work to read it all :-) ). Some of the books I have in hard copy format, bought at Loompanics or at Eden Press. Until now I have just looked at the material in PDF-format.

    Now I understand better what you ment by asking me to give you of interesting material. A lot of things - almost everything - I found on your download-site look exactly like I would have collected them by myself. (E.g., "final theory" or "fuel cell" is something of my favourite topics, but very few people are grasping the deep meaning of such information.)

    And, I found that indeed I have some material which probably could be interesting for you. I will try to find out some things I have collected and which are in english language, and then I can mail it to you.

    Should I mail it to this eMail address I am writing you right now?

    I am sure that with the help of some of your collected information you allowed me to download I can do one or two (maybe more :-) ) steps further in my setup.

    And, I am quite sure, somedays I will arrive at the point (or almost) you are right now.

    Very helpful for one of my momentarily needs could be the report "buboba.pdf", "moneymovers" and maybe "financial privacy.pdf" and "sb.pdf", although some of the hints in "buboba" do not work today (as I already wrote you in a previous eMail).

    The report of the "anonymous secure data haven" can be a good help for me to make progress at my work in the www.

    Very interesting is "gjetnes", "travel ghost", "ud", "the global executive", all the "Trident-Books" and the "Hill-Books". I have already read about the Hawala-System, but I have never seen a such complete and well described information like in the report "The hawala alternative ...".

    You have really great and helpful material on your download site, which is worth by my opinion several thousands of Dollars. As I have already mentioned, I am looking for such material for about two years, but you have stuff which is really new for me.

    Thank you again for letting me download this great information.

    read more >>>

    October 2005: I have to complement you on an excellent service, aside from having no logs, your service let's both the computers we have in our house connect at the same time! Great service, keep it up! A satisfied customer (anon)

    read more >>>

    October 2005: Your caveat emptor section is really great, the hard part for you looks like it might be dealing with all the trash these scammers might try to spread about you, keep up the good job! Mick

    read more >>>

    October 2005: After having tried findnot.com, metropipe.net and cotse.net I can clearly say your service is superior over all the others out there: no downtime, decent speed and prompt reply to my help requests. I am not a computer wizard, but you got me up and running easily. Thank you for going the extra mile to my satisfaction. I will for sure recommend you to my other peers. Looking forward to trying TOR....

    Alison Butterfield

    read more >>>

    November 1, 2005: Hi, I thought with all the fuss of getting set up with the new server (grizzly), it might please you to know that your efforts are all appreciated and I thank you for your excellent service and support. Hey, I guess everyone gets complaints from people, but you do a great job for your subscribers! Wishing you well, user15

    read more >>>

    November 1, 2005: Awesome! I just test drove your new Hong Kong server GRIZZLY (btw, a nice upgrade for the name BEAR!), used the TOR entrypoint and the webmail. I hope you will soon implement the SSL-cert for the webmail.

    Regarding your library which I donwloaded: AAA content. You should do another website just selling access to this library :-), now that I have my copies:-)), amadeus fidelio

    read more >>>

    January 8, 2006: Many thanks. I am very impressed with your help so far. Having experienced many news providers where they never answer emails,
    just take your money, it is so nice to find someone so helpful....

    read more >>>

    January 10,2006: I am really impressed that you activated me already, while my payment is still in transit to you. That's not offered a lot these days. I will recommend you to all of my friends.

    read more >>>

     April 6, 2006: I compliment you on the excellent and reliable services of yourself and your colleagues, which I have now used under a number of "nombre de plumes" over the last year. You will certainly be receiving more business from me in the future.

    Regards, Tam

    read more >>>

    April 22, 2006: After seeing how easy it is to use TOR through your privacy tunnels with it all being set up automatically, ready to use, with not even any software to download, or not use at all and just use the anonymous tunnel if I want, there's no doubt you've built what's probably the most superior privacy service on the internet today, glad I signed up, congradulations. Darth.

    read more >>>

    April 24, 2006: Hello Adminus. Absolutely fantastic! Evereything works as I thought it would and the instruction sheet is really helpful and comprehensive. Wished I went with you years ago. Thanks for all your help. [former cotse-client :-)]

    read more >>>

    April 26, 2006: 'TheTube' is a nifty little application, which allows to run indefinite SSH-tunnels with one click! Privacy couldn't be easier. Job well done. Keep up the good work. I have donated 20 bucks for you guys, as a sign of appreciation. MOLE

    read more >>>

    January 23, 2008: You may or may not realize it, but you probably have the most secure and viable web based mail system on the internet today. I don't think anyone else is offering this in the same way or standard that you are.....

    Congrats on a good product and offering! [received from a satisfied user of our latest High Security eMail (HSM), after the security bubble of some well known providers like hushmail, or safe-mail.net imploded]

    read more >>>

    January 30, 2008: A great THANK YOU! to you Adminus, and the rest of the team. After my deep disappointment with hushmail I now think it was maybe a sign from higher places. I found your absolute incredible and secure HSM (high Security Mail) and love it already after only a few weeks using it. I will send all my buddies to you.

    read more >>>

    January 17, 2010:

    I cannot say enough about how happy I am with the service offered by privacy.li.  I have been a customer for several years now.  I chose them because they had everything I needed (and more) in one place, and I didn't have to be a technical genius to set it up.  I needed something that would give me privacy without really having to understand the intricacies of tunnels, proxies, encryption, etc., and this is exactly what they gave me.  They have been generous above and beyond.  They were even willing to set me up even before they received payment.  They spent a ton of time helping me get my system set up correctly - very promptly returning emails, and answering all my questions.  They even set up a virtual system to mimic mine when I couldn't get it set up correctly.  All in all they have delivered exactly that I needed, and I highly recommend them.

    user512, subscriber to a ssh tunnel combined wit a censorship free news subscription

    March 20, 2010: I just tried your latest addon service, the HSM (=email service with built in PGP-encryption). What can I say, it exactly offered what I expected and what I have become used to over the years using services from privacy.li. All those big services like yahoo, hotmail and soc alled private services like hushmail, safe-mail are only spying on their clients - not longer the case with me!

    gonzo, subscriber to HSM (High Security Mail)

    December 4, 2010: “I’ve been with Privacy.li for nearly two years now.  In that time Privacy.li has provided a solution for every privacy-related need I had over that time.  Further, the support was always quick and effective.  I highly recommend it for all privacy related needs both online and off”. 

    James, unsolicited testimonial, tunnel and domain user

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Privacy.li has built a reputation over more than a decade, to protect and secure their client's footprints on the world wide web. No other service can claim similar success in cloaking and obfuscating internet traffic, no matter if browsing, email, chatting, news or peer-2-peer.


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